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Capacitors for External Defibrillator Applications

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CD Aero defibrillator capacitors are designed specifically to meet the reliability demands of a Class III medical device. In fact, leading medical device manufacturers choose CD Aero because they can count on 100% field reliability when it really matters. These capacitors are housed in round or oval oil-filled cases; or in a dry, epoxy-filled plastic housing version. Plastic cases offer excellent design flexibility, and can be customized to specific requirements. They are available in voltage ranges from 800 VDC to 6,000 VDC, delivering in excess of 500 joules at full charge.

  • Aluminum or plastic case options
  • Round and oval designs
  • Available with wire harness
  • High energy density
  • Monophasic or bi-phasic designs
  • Custom designs available
  • RoHS compliant

  • Capacitance Range: 32-500 μF 
  • +/-5% Standard
  • 800 to 6,000 VDC

    Applications include: external defibrillators, pulse power applications

Item #





H - Dimensions

QL232EW120V Oval, Metal (Oil) 2300 Vdc 120 µF 317 J 3.75 Inch
QL502EW032V Oval, Metal (Oil) 5000 Vdc 32 µF 400 J 6.75 Inch
QL422YW048V Oval, Metal (Oil) 4200 Vdc 48 µF 423 J 5.75 Inch
QL232EW195V Oval, Metal (Oil) 2300 Vdc 195 µF 516 J 5.75 Inch
QL602EW032V Oval,Metal (Oil) 6000 Vdc 32 µF 576 J 6.88 Inch
QL232EW240V Oval,Metal (Oil) 2300 Vdc 240 µF 635 J 5.88 Inch
QR172YW105V Round, Metal (Oil) 1760 Vdc 105 µF 163 J 4.75 Inch
QR222EW105V Round,Metal (Oil) 2200 Vdc 105 µF 254 J 4.75 Inch
QR252EW090V Round, Metal (Oil) 2500 Vdc 90 µF 281 J 4.75 Inch
QR222EW195V Round, Metal (Oil) 2200 Vdc 195 µF 472 J 4.75 Inch
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